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The ‘Ember Days’Of the BenandantiTaken from the 16th Century confessions of the Roman Inquistion, the 'Benandanti' or ‘Good Walkers', were claimed by Paolo Gasparotto, who under investigation of Witchcraft by Inquisitor Fra Felice da Montefalco, claimed to be a male witch, and a member of the secret group.Gasparotto further claimed that the group travelled outside their bodies on certain nights of the year during the ‘Ember Days’, to fight against the ‘Malandanti’ or malevolent witches, who attempted to destroy the crops for the coming season. The two groups fought against each other using sorghum stalks, and bunches of fennel while riding various animals such as rabbits. Considered to be in league with the Devil, Gasparotto was sentenced to six month imprisonment for heresy on the 26th November 1581.

Inspired by the history, this orginal print comes either on paper similar to the paper used in the 16th century, or on a antique salvaged wood plaque. See also the version on a plaster Witch House Plaque.


The ‘Ember Days’ Of the Benandanti

  • Prints on antique style paper 5x7 or 8x10, or print on antique salvaged wood 3.5" x 4.5"

  • Free Shipping in the domestic United States

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