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Ofgraveconcern was started from an artistic and historical gothic passion for the art of the darker side of human expression; art which defines the psychology of the period, leaving its mark so deeply as to infinitely shape the succeeding decades and centuries that follow. The main historical periods the art reflects are the years from 1348 to 1848. Five hundred years which encompass the Black Death and its aftermath in the 14th and 15th Century; the age of superstition and its counter reaction of scientific reason and inquiry in the 17th and 18th Century, and finally the Gothic Victorian with its harsh dichotomy of industry and the sublime.  

Old and reclaimed materials are used wherever they can be found or salvaged. Vintage and old books, waiting for a new beginning, 19th century barn wood and flooring with old stain and paint still clinging on. All this elevtates into the historical styled art the essence of age and decay.
A large part of the art comes from constant research and investigation into historical events, art styles, image design, historical materials, and a continuing passion to bring the dark recess of the past alive.  Each piece of art has its own historical story to tell!


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