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With even more denouncement than Ebenezer Scrooge himself, the Puritans viewed Christmas as a festival of the satanic and the popish. Due to their aversion to heavy drinking, sexual liberties and festival atmospheres, it is not suprising that Christmas became to them linked to such ungodly behaviour. With associations to the Medieval Christmas as the time of the Lord of Misrule, and chaotic celebration, the Puritian's in New England banned all celebration in 1659, and heavily reprimanded those who disobeyed. Such was the aversion to Christmas in New England, the festival wasnt celebrated until the mid 18th century, and didnt become popular until the 19th century.

In England upon the political asscendency of the Puritan's after the English Civil War, and with the reigns of power Christmas was banned outright in 1647, not to be repealed until 1681.

This little historic scroll ornament is influenced by the ban on Christmas, and the text and image are reproductions of the orginal Puritan notice.

Puritan ban on Christmas Historic Scroll Tree Decoration

  • Height 3" x Width 2.75"


  • Free Shipping

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