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A Krampus Christmas!
This Krampus themed art is only available during the most wonderful time of the year!...... when the pre-Christian German folklore anthropomorphic horned figure of Krampus, visits those children who have misbehaved. Instead of presents from Saint Nicholas, these children are visited by his sinister and dark companion krampus. Appearing to them in either the form of a demon with a long tongue framing pointed teeth, or a cloven hoaved goat like beast; the children are beaten with birch branches or chains, and thrown into a large sack which krampus carries on his back. These unfortunate children are then dragged to hell.

Appearing in folklore and oral tradition from the Pre-Christian period Krampus orginates from German speaking countries in Europe, particulary Alpine regions; by the 17th century the mythology was joined with that of the celebration of Saint Nicholos.


Krampus Christmas! Bottles

  • Original designs & historical recreations. Bottles are handcast from 18th and 19th century medicine bottles. For display purposes only, not intended to hold liquids.


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