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Influenced by Victorian Christmas ornaments, these Christmas Carol Tree Ornaments are hand cast, and display orginal artwork and illustrations.

You might be forgiven for thinking that our modern age invented the idea of Christmas excess, but in fact Christmas since the Middle Ages was a time of indulgence for eating, dancing, singing, sporting, games; and even drunken crime sprees, and riots. The excesses of Christmas ran foul of the Puritan's who banned it altogether in 1645, upon which riots broke out in London, Ipswich, and Norwich. It was restored as a legal holiday in England in 1660, but continued to be banned in the Puritan colonies of North America entirely from 1659, not gaining in widespread popularity again until the early 19th century.


Historical Tree Ornament. Good Cheer!

  • Height 4" x Width 2.5" x Depth .0.5"


  • Free Shipping

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