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It is March 1644. The English Civil war fought between the Crown and Parliament has caused the collapse of government and civil authority. Impoverished lawyer and fanatical Puritan Matthew Hopkins after overhearing a crowd of women discussing the existence of Witches in his village, decides that the “works of the devil” are throughout the land. Appointing himself the ‘Witchfinder General’, Hopkins and his assistant John Stearne begin a campaign of terror, visiting villages and towns; and for a fee rooting out all the ‘Witches’ living there. During their two year career, Hopkins and Stearne tried and executed over three hundred women. More in two years than the previous 160 years, from the beginning of English Witchtrials in the 15th century. In 1647 Hopkins published his investigations as ‘The Discovery of Witches’. The book would become popular in New England throughout its own Witch hysteria.

Handbuilt using old salvaged wood, handpainted and distressed.

Witchfinder General Sign: Hopkins & Stearne

  • Handbuilt using old salvaged wood, handpainted and distressed.

    Size: Width: 5.75"
               Height: 9.25
               Depth 3" (with Witch Hat)

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