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This bottle is influenced by the real history of Witch Bottles dating from the 17th Century, where bottles containing nails, thorns, bent pins, hair, fingernails and urine; were concealed in chimney stacks, walls and floors to ward off supernatural attacks from Witches. 

The inclusion of urine it is believed was used as a supernatural lure, where upon entering the bottle the Witch would be trapped by the sharp objects contained within. The sympathetic folkloric connection between witchcraft and the urine of the bewitched victims, is recorded in two sources; the first in 1647 by astrologer William Lilly, and the second in 1665 by physician and apothecary William Drage. It is Drage who identifies the use of a bottle in order to deflect bewitchment.


Witch Bottles are a form of ‘Apotropaic’ magic, the transference of energy into an object in order to deflect or ward off evil, or misfortune. A practice which is thousands of years old.


This bottle would make an excellent addition to a Halloween tree!

Witch Bottle

  • Handcast from handmade mold taken from 19th century medicine bottle, based upon historical orginals, comes with cork.

    Also includes handcast Witch figure influenced by 17th century iconography.

    Size: Width 2" x Height 4.25 "Please note: Meant for display only, and not designed to hold liquids.

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