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The Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century increased the size and unsanitary conditions of cities and industrial towns leading to an increase in disease and sickness. These conditions also created more phychological and societal practices of the process of mourning and the rites surriounding burial, and death in general. By the 19th century these practices had taken on an established rite of mourning, with the wearing of specific clothes, and behaviour; and also suitable lengths of time for which these were to be observed.

The period also saw in the 1830's the practice of planned cemeteries, which moved burial from overcrowded local parish churches, to purpose built plots of land planned for the purpose.

The illustration of this candle is a reflection unpon both these histories.

The candle is unscented and handpoured.

Victorian Mourning Candle

  • Original designs & historical recreations. Unscented and hand poured pillar candles.

    Size: Height 5.5"Width 3"

  • Free Shipping within the domestic United States

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