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In the medieval period those suffering from wounds inflicted in battle, or a variety of other ailments could be treated with ‘Unguentum armariun’ a magnetic treatment from bandages or medicines that had been infused with a liniment using usnea. Usnea was the highly prized moss that was collected from the skulls of the dead, preferably the skulls of individuals who had died in battle or had met violent ends. This moss was considered medicinally potent due to the belief that it contained the remaining spirit, especially if that spirit had been trapped by a violent death which in turn had been absorbed by the moss or lichen growing on the skull. This spirit could then be absorbed to empower the sick person’s spirit and heal them.


Usnea. Moss of a Dead’s Mans’s Skull

  • All bottles are cast from original 18th and 19th century bottles and jars, and are aged to inclde all the wonderful imperfections and aged quality of handbuilt pottery of the period. The label is original ofgraveconcern artwork based upon historical medical advertising.

    Dimensions: Height 4.5" Width 2.75"

  • Free Shipping

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