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These wooden plaques depict famous pirates from the Golden Age of piracy, and their famous flag ships.The story of Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Mary Read is one of the most famous in pirate history. Calico Jack, (derived from the calico clothing he wore) was the nickname of John Rackham (26 December 1682 – 18 November 1720), commonly known as Jack Rackham, an English pirate captain operating from the Bahamas from 1718-1720, in the last period of the Golden Age of piracy. After serving as a quartermaster on Charles Vane's sloop Ranger in 1718, Rackhman deposed Vane of his captaincy, while in Nassau in 1720 Rackham met and started an affair with Anne Bonny (c. 1700 - c. 1782), who joined his crew. Aboard Rackham’s ship ‘The Revenge’ also was Mark Read, who it was discovered was Mary Read (c.1690-1721). Read and Bonny are the only two women known to have been convicted of piracy during the early 18th century. Original illustration.

'The Revenge' Calico Jack / Anne Bonny / Mary Read

  • Small prints on antique style paper, mounted to actual antique salvaged wood, and hung with twine. 3.5" x 4.5"

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