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Orginating in 17th Century Europe, Powder of sympathy was a remedy used to treat wounds with the strange twist that it would not be applied to the wound itself, but to the weapon that inflicted it.

Made of a green vitriol, and containing earthworms, pigs brains, (rust), and mummified corpses or human fat, the ingredients were dried in the sun to produce a powder.

Another strange use of the powder is recounted in 1687 as a aid for navigation whereupon it was theorised in a pamphlet that a wounded dog could be placed upon a ship, where upon the knife that caused the wound be left on shore. The placement of the knife in the powder, would cause the dog to yelp, and therefore give the Captain an accurate position and time.

Historical records from the 17th century for the existence of the apotropaic remedy come from courtier and diplomat Sir Kenelm Digby, and occult physician Robert Fludd.

For display purposes only, and not designed to hold liquids.

The Powder of Sympathy Weapon Salve

  • Size: 4" Height x 1.5 Width


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