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The unfinished poem ‘Christabel’ was written by the English poet, literary critic and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge (21 October 1772 – 25 July 1834). Alongside his friend and fellow Lake poet William Wordsworth, he was also founder of the Romantic movement in England. The story of Christabel tells of Christabel’s encounter with the strange figure of Geraldine, who is hiding behind a large oak tree. Taking pity upon her Christabel takes her into her home, where begins a series of supernatural signs. When Geraldine undresses, she shows a terrible mark, leaving the reader to wonder if the blemish marks her as a Witch. The poem was first published in the collection of three poems: ‘Christabel’, ‘Kubla Khan: A Vision’ and ‘The Pains of Sleep’, on 25 May 1816.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Christabel. 1816

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