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‘Prognostications and Astrological Secrets’ was written in 1647 by the English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper (18th October 1616 - 10th January 1654), using a combination of reason experience and astrology, Culpeper devoted himself to using herbs to treat illness. Questioning traditional methods and knowledge, he paired herbs and planetary influences to counter illnesses and disease. For these methods he was accused of Witchcraft in 1642. The page on the left is influenced by the Poor Richard’s almanac from 1740. A hundred years later in the midst of the enlightenment astrological influence was still to be seen in everyday life.


Prognostications & Astrological Secrets / Poor Richard's Almanac

  • Hanging Books are title page reproductions of antique books that are handmade from old and antique books which are damaged, and are repaired are re-purposed to be hung on a wall for a unique display. The books display the title pages from one or antiquarian books based upon a certain theme.  The size and colour of each book varies.


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