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Plaster House Plaques
Reproductions of  various 17th century Witchcraft woodcuts with text from 'The Discoverie of Witchcraft ' written by Reginald Scot and published in 1584. Scot's book set out to convince its readers that Witchcraft and Witches did not exist. However into the next century Witchcraft and its persucution became an hysteria, legend says that upon the accension to the throne of James I in 1603, all copies that were found of Scot's work were burned. James I himself wrote upon the prevalence of Witchcraft, and pocessed a paranoia that Witches were seeking his violent death.


Plaster House Plaques: I,II,III,IV

  • Plaster handcast plaques, with reproductions of 17th Century woodcuts. Dimensions: Height: 5" Width: 3.25"

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