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Paul Philidor (17??–1828/9), also known as Paul de Philipsthal, was a German performer of entertainment séances in the style that would soon become known as phantasmagoria. Philidor initially named his shows "Schröpferesque Geisterscheinings" (Schröpfer-style ghost appearances after being influenced by the early phantasmagoria shows of Johann Georg Schröpfer (1730–7 October 1774), he also would use conjuring tricks influenced by the great 18th century magician Joseph Pinetti (1750–circa 1803). In January 1793, Philidor moved to Paris where recent revolutionary events had given rise to a popular demand for gothic spectacle. By October 1801 Philidor had set up a permanent exhibition at the Lyceum Theatre, London; where he presented scientific demonstrations of light shows. Alongside his demonstrations were also exhibited the wax works of Marie Tussaud, later Madame Tussaud.

Phantasmagoria. Paul de Philipsthal. 1801

  • Recreation of titlepage with added historical elements. Printed on handmade paper resembling the look and feel of paper from the period the work was produced (8.5" x 11"), or textured watercolour paper (5"x7"). Printed with archival inks, and packaged in protective sheet and cardboard backing.


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