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Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis, (Nine Doors/Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows)

Printed in Venice in 1666, the work is the fictional book which appears in the 1993 novel 'The Club Dumas' by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, and filmed as the 'The Ninth Gate' (1999).

These Reproduction prints based upon the book, and the prints shown in the film are handcoloured using historical recreations of color pigments from the 17th century. 


Avaliable as all ten prints or seperatly (See product options) $85 for the set, $20 individually.



All prints are produced on handmade paper which resembles the look, feel and weight of paper available during the historical period in which the art has been inspired from.

Nine Doors/Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows 1666: Whole Set

  • Printed on paper resembling the look and feel of antique paper
    Prints 8 x 10

  • Free Shipping in the domestic United States

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