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Written by the Jesuit theologian, and doctor of law Martín Antonio del Río, sometimes cited as Martin Antoine del Rio (17 May 1551 – 19 October 1608). Les Controverses Et Recherches Magiques, ‘Investigations into Magic’ presented to the reader the concept of occult and magical practices and their connection to the world of the 17th century, including disciplines such as mathematics, astrology and alchemy, there is a clear distinction in the work between the work of the devil and the work of alchemy performed in the natural world. The work also deals with the prosecution and judgment of those practicing harmful magic in opposing to the work of natural magic, including the first vivid written description of a witches sabbat, or Sabbath.

Les Controverses Et Recherches Magiques. 1611

  • Recreation of titlepages with added historical elements. Printed on watercolour paper with archival inks, and packaged in protective sheet. 5"x7"


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