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Le Petit Albert is an 18th-century grimoire of natural and cabalistic magic, popular right upto today. The book is a mix of earlier magic, alchemy, talismons, the turning of lead into gold; and also agricultural and domestic recipies for cooking and making soap. A mixture of a magic book, and a farmers almanack. The book is also famously known for the directions for making a 'hand of glory', the dried or pickled left hand from a man who has been hanged holding a candle made from the fat of the same man. Magic properties are attributed to the candle, such as the ability to render motionless any person to whom the candle is presented to.


Le Petit Albert. 1764

  • Hanging Books are title page reproductions of antique books that are handmade from old and antique books which are damaged, and are repaired are re-purposed to be hung on a wall for a unique display. The books display the title pages from one or antiquarian books based upon a certain theme.  The size and colour of each book varies.


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