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The Mummy is a pioneer science fiction story published in 1827, and again in 1828. It tells the story of English society in the year 2126, and predicts travel by ballons, and amazingly a form of the internet. In the story the Egyptian mummy of Cheops, is brought back to life by galvanism by the parodied Dr. Frankenstein character, Dr. Entwerfen. The Mummy is the first archetype in the English language to describe a reanimated Mummy. Its author Jane Webb, wrote the story in the midst of 'Egyptomania' , the late 18th and 19th century explosion of popular interest in the ancient culture of Egypt. Its origins lay in Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign (1798–1801), which while mostly military also sent artists, scientists, and antiquitarians to discover the ancient temples, buildings and culture. Through its discoveries, an aesthetic impact on literature, art and architecture took place, including an antiquitarian battle to secure the best discoveries.

Jane Webb. The Mummy. 1828.

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