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Inspired by the centuries growing radical idea and the financial conditions of the poor, the French Revolution from 1789 until 1799 saw the end of absolute monarchy in France, the terror of the guillotine, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and a global conflict  that extended from the Caribbean to the Middle East. These headless portraits testify to the juxtaposition of ideals and brutality seen during the period. Arnaud II de La Porte was a French statesman, and Minister of the Royal Household. In December of 1790 instructed by the king, he began to use the monarchies private wealth towards funding a publicity campaign to stem the revolutionary fever. After the Royal family was caught trying to flee during the night of 20/21 June 1791, La Porte was charged of treason against the revolution and became the second political victim of the guillotine on the 23 August 1792.

Headless Portraits: Arnaud II de La Porte

  • Original art on wooden plaques, and sealed in encaustic wax.

    Avaliable on large plaque or small plaque.
    Large Size: Width 10" x  Height 13.5" $65.00
    Small Size: Width 3.5" x Height 4.5"   $25.00

  • Free Shipping within the domestic United States

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