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Born in 1673 at the real site of Castle Frankenstein, German physician, alchemist and occultist Johann Konrad Dippel, devoted his life to the study of alchemy, and folklore stipulates the dark arts. During his studies he created ‘an elixir of life’, named ‘Dippel’s Oil’, which he recorded in ‘Maladies and Remedies of the Life of the Flesh’. the pursuit of which began tales of his interest in the transference of souls from one body to another. Experimenting with dead animals, it was claimed although never proved that Dippel also experimented on human cadavers. He was further subject to accusations from local church leaders of graverobbing, it is these accusations where the supposed experiments on human cadavers, and reputation as a dark sorcerer derive from, until his death in 1734.

This bottle is influneced by the dark history which surrounds him, and the publication of his work ‘Maladies and Remedies of the Life of the Flesh’ in 1736, and would make an excellent addition to a Halloween themed room!


Dippel's Elixir of Life (1736)

  • Handcast from handmade mold, based upon historical orginals, comes with cork.

    Size: Width 2.5" x Height 5.75 "

    Please note: Meant for display only, and not designed to hold liquids.

    Free Shipping to domestic United States.

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