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Written by the Swiss theologian Ludwig Lavater (4 March 1527 – 5 July 1586 in Zurich) in 1569, ‘Of Ghostes and Spirites Walking by Nyght’ was an early work upon the existence of ghosts. Translated into English in 1572, the book became the most frequently printed demonological works of the period. In the work Lavater came to the conclusion that ghosts or apparitions were not the souls of the deceased, but "either good or evil angels”.

Within a few decades from the books publication in English, the existence of ghosts and their ability to visit and affect the fate of the living, became an exceptionally popular cultural idea, especially  during the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods. Their cultural influence dating from this period has never waned. 

The illustration is a reproduction of the original titlepage.

Ghost House Plaque Ofghosts & Spirits 1572


  • Illustration on house shaped plaque, and hung one the back. 5" x 7"


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