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This jar is influenced believe it or not by real history, namely a recipe from a Franciscian apothecary dated from 1679.

The recipe calls for acquiring blood “from persons of warm, moist temperament".

During the period, blood was thought to contain the spirit, the physiological linking of the body and the soul, by its consumption you would gain the spirit of the energy of the person to whom the blood belonged to.

Barber surgeon Leonardo Fioravanti also during this period claimed that in using blood as a medicine, “I have as good as raised the dead, giving it as a drink to persons who had all but given up the ghost”.

Handcast from handmade mold taken from 19th century medicine bottle, based upon historical orginals, comes with cork.


Blood Jam Jar

  • Size: Width 2.25" x Height 3.5" Please note: Meant for display only, and not designed to hold liquids.

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