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Despite having a reputation of evil during the medieval period, Bats also orginating from the ancient world could be used in folk and sympathetic magic and medicine to bring good luck.


This bottle is influenced by the real history of 'Balsam of Bat' as devised by Genevan physician Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne, containing “adders, bats, suckling whelps (puppies), earthworms, hogs’ grease, stag marrow, and the thigh bone of an ox.” A physician to the house of Stuart, de Mayerne also was an apologist for the theories of Paracelsus, and older forms of mysticism and alchemy expounded by Zoroaster and Hermes Trismegistus.


This bottle would make an excellent addition to a Halloween tree!

'Balsam of Bat' Bottle

  • Cast from handmade mold taken from 19th century medicine bottle, based upon historical orginals, comes with cork.

    Size: Width 1" x Height 3"Please note: Meant for display only, and not designed to hold liquids.

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