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Ars Notoria is the fifth and oldest book from ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’, also known as the ‘Clavicula Salomonis Regis’, an anonymous grimoire (or spell book) on demonology. It was compiled in the mid-17th century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older, it is first mentioned in 1236. The Ars Notoria contains a series of prayers, and learning interspersed with magical words, to master eidetic memory, (the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects after only a few instants of exposure) and instantaneous learning to the magician. Originally published from older sources by the German magician, occultist and alchemist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (14 September 1486 – 18 February 1535), the English version was translated from Latin in 1657 by the 17th century occultist and student of magic Robert Turner. Known for his many English translations of older magical texts, Robert Turner also translated the ‘Archidoxis magicae’ in 1656.


Ars Notoria: Translated 1657.

  • Recreation of titlepage with added historical elements. Printed on handmade paper resembling the look and feel of paper from the period the work was produced (8.5" x 11"), or textured watercolour paper (5"x7"). Printed with archival inks, and packaged in protective sheet and cardboard backing.

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