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Orginal illustration based upon historical examples.


Aqua Tofana was a 17th century poison, purportedly containing Arsenic. Its origins first appear in Sicily around 1630, where legend says it was manufactured and sold by Giulia Tofana for women in order to remove their husbands, divorce at the time not being an option.Tofana was said to have been the ring leader of a group of six poisoners in Rome, selling the poison in the area and also in Naples and Perugia.

The poison has been linked with the historical deaths of over 600 victims, mostly men. One victim who claimed that he had been poisoned by Aqua Tofana was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose death remains a mystery, while not supported by strong historical evidence, large amounts of arsenic were discovered in Mozart's manuscript for the piece of music he was working on when he died.

This bottle has been handcast, and is influenced by a 17th century perfume bottles.

Aqua Tofana Bottle

  • Handcast from handmade mold, based upon 17th Century perfume bottle.

    Size: Width 2.25" x Height 6"

    Please note: Meant for display only, and not designed to hold liquids.

    Free Shipping to domestic United States.


  • Free Shipping within the domestic United States

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