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This art is inspired by 18th playbill prints, lines from the actual plays, and John Heimbuch’s play ‘William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead: A true and accurate account of the Elizabethan zombie plague London, 1599’. The art is framed by quotes from Romeo and Juliet relating upon death, (and relating playfully to zombies). In Heimbuch’s play, Shakespeare’s Henry V opens at the Globe Playhouse in the Summer 1599, as outside a zombie outbreak engulfs London. The reputation of Shakespeare’s as the greatest writer in the English language began during the 18th century, where a quarter of plays performed on London stage were by him. The 18th century and 19th century also began the age of star actors and actresses like David Garrick, John Phillip Kemble and Sarah Siddons, whose Shakespearean performances led to great critical fame.

Zombie Shakespeare! Richard II, Romeo and Juliet, Henry IV. Part II, Hamlet

  • Print
    Recreation of titlepages with added historical elements. Printed on watercolour paper with archival inks, and packaged in protective sheet. 5"x7"

    Small prints on antique style paper, mounted to actual antique salvaged wood, and hung with twine. 3.5" x 4.5"

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