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The year 1577 is recorded as the year in which ‘The Great Comet of 1577’ passed close to Earth, and was viewed by people all over the world. Due to the belief of plague miasma from the planets, this comet carried with it a deadly variant of plague to make the dead rise.

On the 25th June 1638, the plague had spread as the first astronomical event in the New World was seen as a Lunar eclipse was observed as the moon turns blood red. The event, seen as a divine sign, was preceded by the earthquake that had struck the area on the first of June; resulting in the already unsettled colony seeing the manifestation of ‘heretical’ beliefs.
Again inEngland during December 1664, and again in early 1665, a bright comet was observed; being noted by both Samuel Pepys in his diary, and also later by Daniel Defoe in his "Journal of the Plague Year" written in 1722. Wondering what portent the comet held, Londoners would not have to wait long for the first signs of the latest outbreak to begin.

The outbreak continued into the 19th century.

All illustrations are ofgraveconcern originals, influenced by historical portraiture, and the 18th century passtime of silhouette cameo portraits.


Zombie Cameo's from history 1722

  • Oval Plaques 5" x 7"

    Comes with hanging wire

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