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The 18th century enlightenment saw an increased awareness of science which contradicted previous superstition and folk belief, however despite the scientific discoveries a juxtaposition of the existence of the folk beliefs persisted, especially in the belief in supernatural creatures such as vampires. In fact the early 18th century can be said to have codified and solidified the vampirism myth in the public imagination. Recorded from ancient time, it was during the 18th century that an influx of vampire superstition entered into Western Europe from Eastern Europe, resulting in a mass hysteria (called the ‘18th-Century Vampire Controversy’) accusations of vampirism exploded and corpses were staked through the heart, or the heads were removed. One ancient folk belief was the use of Apotropaic magic to deflect evil, the use of a sacred item such as a crucifix to ward off vampires is an example of this folk magic.

Vampyre Cross 1734

  • Original designs & historical recreations.

    Height 9"Width 5.75"Depth 0.75"

    Handbuilt from salvaged wood

  • Free Shipping within the domestic United States

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