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A level of occultism, exortericism and mystery was deemed desirable in medicinal advertising of the 17th, 18th, 19th, and even 20th centuries, including profound claims about the medicines potency to cure all ailments, hence the origin of the term ‘cure alls’.

The advertising of patent medicines began at the same time as the creation of the public sphere, in which newspapers first became available and read in the new phenomena of coffee houses. In fact the early marketing of early medicines through their ‘letters patent’ (royal approval) fueled the circulation of early papers. Many advertising and sales techniques were pioneered by patent medicine promoters. To keep patent medicines in the early public sphere, they began to use distinctive bottle shapes, and also claim in their advertising that no disease was beyond the cure of their medical formulae.


Occult Lozenges Medicine Bottle Wooden Plague

  • All bottles are cast from original 18th and 19th century bottles and jars, and are aged to inclde all the wonderful imperfections and aged quality of handbuilt pottery of the period. The wood used on this plaque is antique salaved wood, and is hung with twine. The label is original ofgraveconcern artwork based upon historical medical advertising.
    Size 3.5" x 4.5"


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