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Lord Ruthven. The Vampyre.
‘The Vampyre’, the first modern Vampire story was written by the English writer and physician John William Polidori (7 September 1795 – 24 August 1821), the novel centers on Lord Ruthven an aristocrat and secret vampire. Polidori wrote this story as part of the horror story contest that Polidori, Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley, and Claire Clairmont held in the Villa Diodata, a house Byron rented by Lake Geneva in Switzerland during the summer of 1816, (also known as the year without a summer). The stories that Byron and Shelley composed are not known, however Mary’s story was the first draft of what would be published in 1818 as Frankenstein.

Gothic Literary Character Tombstone: Lord Ruthven

  • Cast plaster of Paris tombstone. Size 3.25” x 4”.

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