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  ‘The Phantom Ship’ is a Gothic novel written by the British Royal Navy officer, and novelist Captain Frederick Marryat (10 July 1792 – 9 August 1848). A friend of Charles Dickens, Marryat is also credited as an early pioneer of the sea story, and the originator of Marryat’s Code, a form of maritime flag signaling. The Phantom Ship tells the story of the legend of the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman, and its Captain doomed to sail for eternity, and the quest of the Captain’s son who pursues his father in order to save his soul with a relic of the Holy Cross. The story even features a werewolf in one chapter. The novel was originally published in ‘The New Monthly Magazine from March 1837 to August 1839.


Captain Marryat. The Phantom Ship. 1839

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